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The Kingdom’s Critical Mission: Prepare for Difficulty, Part 2

September 11, 2016 Pastor: Pastor Marc Wragg Series: The Kingdom's Critical Mission

Topic: Persecution Passage: Matthew 10:16–10:23

The unprepared heart can be tempted by the inevitable challenges of sharing the truth with a lost world. We need wisdom to keep our emotions under control, and to apply the right truth to our circumstances. As our culture grows increasingly godless, we must be ready to suffer rejection, slander, or even physical harm, knowing that God will use even this to demonstrate the power of the gospel. We must commit to walk in the Spirit, and practice a life of yielding to the truth so that we will have an answer for those who reproach us. We must be willing to endure the personal pain and anguish that comes when unbelieving family members oppose us, and guard against the temptation to compromise the truth of God in order to find peace with men. To be sure, this is the truth that saves, but it also exposes man’s fallen nature, refutes his dead works, and therefore incites his anger. How long must we endure the world’s wrath? For as long as the work continues, until the Son of God returns.

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