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The Expositors Seminary is one seminary in 12 simultaneously connected locations. Theological education is the task and responsibility of the church. The training at TES takes place within the context of the life and oversight of local churches. Faithful and proven pastors, teachers, and leaders from all twelve churches unite to provide the student with an education that combines informed scholarship with pastoral mentoring.

The Expositors Seminary exists to magnify the glory of God by serving the local church through training, equipping, mentoring, and affirming men who are called by the Lord Jesus Christ into the ministry of the gospel. TES offers a Masters of Divinity with an emphasis on biblical exposition and the study of original languages.

Academic Excellence

  • Pastoral Faculty - unmatched faculty of faithful and proven pastor-theologians.
  • Rigorous Curriculum - an MDiv course of study that has historically marked the finests conservative theological institutions.
  • Original Languages - Upholding proficiency in Hebrew and Greek as essential to accurately handling the Word of God.
  • Biblical Authority - unswerving committment to the inerrancy, sufficiency, and power of God's Word to transform lives.
  • Exegetical Methodology - commitment to an exegetical theology for every ministry of the church.
  • Expository Preaching - Biblical exposition characterized by Accuracy and Depth, and complemented by clarity and pastoral care.


  • A commitment to a high view/infallibility of Scripture
  • A conviction of the need for expository preaching
  • An environment that fosters personal mentoring in pastoral care and discipleship
  • Multiple campus locations that enable students to prepare for ministry without the difficulties and costs of relocation
  • Video-linked classes with other TES campuses, giving students exposure to a variety of instructors, professors, and pastors
  • Class schedules that enable students to continue working
  • Affordable tuition rates


  • Praise for the unity of TES
  • Needs of students and their families
  • Continued strength and wisdom to carry out the work
  • Praise for SGBC to be a part of this effort


“It is a high privilege bestowed upon us by the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ, to train the next generation of servants to shepherd the flock of God. And there is no better way for the local, visible Church, to support the universal, invisible Church than by identifying, training, equipping, and affirming men who will take what they have been entrusted and teach others also (2 Tim 2:2). Our hope is to produce churchmen loyal to Christ who labor diligently to and for the Church.”

– Dr. Marc Wragg


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