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The Kingdom’s Critical Mission: Receive your Reward

October 16, 2016 Pastor: Pastor Marc Wragg Series: The Kingdom's Critical Mission

Topic: Eternal Life Passage: Matthew 10:40–10:42

Only a fool would exchange eternity for the small and fleeting pleasures of this life. But how do we find eternal life, and what do we gain by it? The Scriptures say that we must receive Jesus Christ. We must embrace Christ’s message, and order our life around it. We must believe that Jesus is God the Son, and that He gave Himself as the only sacrifice for sin. We must believe that God raised Jesus Christ from the dead, that He came to remove our sin and cover us with His righteousness, and that He is now our Lord. By embracing these truths by faith, we gain an eternal kingdom where there is no more sin, no more doubt or suffering, and where we will enjoy perfect fellowship with God and His people. How do we know if we’ve received Christ? Those who love Him love His truth, and love His people. Oh sinner, why treasure your sin when God can give you pure and clean treasures to enjoy forever? Turn to Christ now, repent, and find eternal life.

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