Sundays at Saving Grace


We believe that the faithful verse-by-verse exposition of God's Word serves as the fuel and foundation for all of the ministries of the church. Are you interested in learning more about the pulpit of Saving Grace? Check out our sermons page, or read Dr. Marc Wragg's bio.

Church Location

2550 Englewood Rd | Englewood

Sunday Service Times

9:00 am  Main Service & Sunday School 

(Ages 3-18, Adults, Nursery 0-2)

10:45 am  Main Service & Adult Sunday School 

(Children's Church ages 3-7, and Nursery 0-2)


Adult Sunday School

Englewood | 9:00 am

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Access audio here.


Adult Sunday School

Englewood | 10:45 am 

Steve Smith 620x400Genesis, the book of beginnings, is a critical battleground in evangelicalism as both its historicity and literal interpretation are being challenged. As we are working our way through this marvelous introduction to the Bible, we discover the majesty and sovereignty of God in creation, fall, and redemption. Genesis is remarkable for its foundations: not only of the heavens, the earth, and mankind, but also for the progressive revelation of God’s redemptive plan and His covenant people, Israel. Access audio here.


Children's Sunday School & Children's Church

Englewood Campus

GOG for Sundayservices

Our Children's Ministry presents biblical truth in a way that young minds can grasp. We use Generations of Grace (GoG) curriculum for both our Sunday School and Children's Church classes.Rather than making the biblical characters the focus of the lessons, GoG is designed to magnify God by studying His character. In this way children can better understand who He is by studying how His redemptive plan has unfolded and how He has used men to accomplish His purposes.

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9:00 am & 10:45 am 


Worship Service Times