"Teaching children to hide God's Word in their heart."


Wednesdays 6:45pm-8:15pm

Kids4Truth is our Wednesday night program for children ages 4 - 11 years old.  Kids4Truth is intense truth for young minds. They learn foundational doctrines straight from the Bible in a fun and engaging way. This excellent kid's program is designed to teach children biblical truth about the character of God while holding them accountable to Scripture memorization each week. They are rewarded with "Bible bucks" to spend in the award store twice a year as well and earn patches based on the verses they memorize. Ultimately, our goal is to equip their young minds and hearts with a deep well of biblical truth that the Spirit of God can use one day to show them their need for Christ. 

The program is divided into 12 themes and children go through 6 themes per year. As the kids get older, they will repeat the cycle at a deeper level. They begin memorizing a short verse and answer to each catechism question, and as they get older they memorize longer answers as well as full passages. 

Sarah Masella | Kids4Truth Coordinator | Email: SarahM@sgbc.me

Kids4Truth Calendar for 2024-2025