"Instilling a passion for Christ and His Word."

Our College & Career Group is for young adults who have graduated from High School, and meets each Thursday night at 7:00 pm.  This ministry exists to teach and disciple young people in the Scriptures. Because the Word of God is the only means by which sinners are saved and saints are edified, we teach our young adults how to properly exposit and apply the Word to their lives. Discipleship happens naturally in this setting as we all strive to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ.

Currently Pastor Nick Foerster is teaching a study on the book of Ecclesiastes. The effects of sin on the human heart and mind have so obscured our ability to discern the path of wisdom that a well-lived life seems almost unattainable. Yet Solomon, the wisest man to ever live, shows us that apart from simply fearing God and keeping His commandments, every pursuit in life is ultimately vanity, and doomed to fail. For the meeting location, please contact the church office (941-474-1905) or Pastor Nick Foerster (pastornick@sgbc.me).

We also have a special college and career group messaging channel on our phone app. This is used for special announcements or communication between those that attend College and Career. To be added to this group or receive email notifications specific to this group, please fill out this form here.

Please see our Ministry Calendar for meeting dates and times.