310 BULDAINMatias and his wife Nerina and their three children, Betsy, Josias, and Lizzy live near Buenos Aires Argentina. Matias is Director of The Pastoral Training Center near Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he trains and equips indigenous pastors to preach the gospel and to plant biblical New Testament churches in the local region. He is assisted by his father, Eduardo Buldain, who has helped in both the work of planting churches, and in the expansion of the facilities of the Pastoral Training Center.

In addition to his work as Director of the PTC, Matias is also pastor of the church that meets on the campus of the training center. Eduardo is an elder at San Justo Bible Church, President of the Missionary Bible Alliance, and President of the Pastoral Training Center.

 In addition to financial support, Pastor Wragg teaches at their annual Pastors Conference every year and is often joined by another pastor or elder from Saving Grace Bible Church. Pastor Foerster has also taught at the Pastoral Training Center and is looking forward to traveling to Argentina with Pastor Wragg to teach at the Training Center again in 2023.