twombly 310-x310Bryan and Kerra Twombly are being sent by Community Baptist Church in Stuart, Florida to Madang, Papua New Guinea. They are set to leave on May 17th as long as Bryan's work permit arrives as expected.

Their aim is to see God glorified among the people of Madang, Papua New Guinea through the establishment of a strong, faithful church in the city. There is a huge need in this region for Bible and ministry resource translation and church planting and strengthening. The Twomblys, with their sending agency, would also like to develop a pastoral training ministry that would equip men to explain the Scriptures, teach others, and promote discipleship.

The Finisterre mountain range in Papua New Guinea has approximately seventy different language groups. Few of them have their language in written form and thus have no Bible in their language. They have not been able to hear or read how the Scriptures unfold the gospel of Jesus Christ. All of this means that there is a need for the establishment of faithful churches among these language groups. Another goal of the sending agency is to support tribal missionary teams as they seek to share and minister to these groups of people.