310HENDRYTodd and Julie Hendry serve the Lord as church planters in Brazil. They have four children Michaela, Sammy, Lilianne, and Levi. Their goal is to evangelize and disciple those who come to faith in Christ, equipping them to in turn disciple others (II Timothy 2:2), and plant other churches.

Last fall the Hendry family moved within Brazil from Croatia to Nova Russas to serve in a church there. They are settled in and completing some needed house preparations. They have gotten to know many of the families in the church and live directly across the street from their pastor’s family.

 Todd has already started preaching at evangelistic meetings and participating in those every week. Todd’s involvement in the church at Nova Russas has greatly increased. He has been blessed to spend a lot of time in the Word of God and proclaiming it.

 Their local church just completed their Easter/Youth camp in Nova Russa. The camp went really well and the climate was nice because of the rain showers that kept things cool.