God's Compassion for Mankind

April 15, 2018 Speaker: Pastor Marc Wragg Series: Matthew

Topic: Compassion Scripture: Matthew 14:13–14:21

The greatest challenges in life often stem from a simple lack of faith. We think our trials are too great to be solved or we doubt that God really cares enough to help us, so we try to live our lives in the strength of our own will and wisdom, avoiding the uncertainties of walking by faith. As we struggle in the flesh with what can only be solved by the Spirit, our unwelcome companions on this journey become anger, grumbling, and fear. We’ve all experienced those moments and seasons of failure, but Christ continually calls us to a better, more faithful response. The truth is that God loves and cares for His people, but seeing that love displayed often requires us to readily confess our hopelessness without Him. When we humble ourselves, we’ll find that Christ really is sufficient for all of our needs. In that very moment we will begin to trust God’s works above our own, and we’ll see that even the most frail and insignificant things are powerful tools in the hands of an almighty God.


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