Communion: Do this in Remembrance of Me, Part 1

March 4, 2018 Speaker: Pastor Marc Wragg Series: Special Topic

Topic: Communion Scripture: 1 Corinthians 11:23–11:33

How should you practice Communion? It’s been done in many ways in different churches all over the world. Some serve bits of crackers and individual cups filled with grape juice. Others tear off pieces of a whole loaf of bread and drink wine from a common cup. Even the presentation and ceremony around the elements can vary from place to place. One holds the loaf of bread up high from the pulpit as a show of solemn respect, another marches the elements down the center aisle to highlight their entry into the sanctuary, and still another has the Elders of the church pass the elements to ushers for distribution to the congregation. We all have traditions like these that we follow, and that’s fine and appropriate as long as those traditions conform to the biblical purpose of Communion, and we don’t elevate them above the simple commands of Scripture. The bread signifies Christ’s body given for us, and the cup is the New Covenant in His blood. We partake of them as one people who remember and proclaim one Savior.  

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