Practicing Forgiveness

October 8, 2017 Speaker: Pastor Marc Wragg Series: The Forgiveness Paradigm

Topic: Forgiveness Scripture: Luke 17:1–17:4

We live in a world where evil is inflicted every day upon the innocent and defenseless. Some have performed acts so heinous that no words can really capture the horror that their victims must have endured. How can we forgive such evil, and should we even try? Our flesh would say no, that some wounds are too awful to be forgiven, and some pain runs too deep to just let go. Yet we know that God calls us to forgive every transgression, and we feel the pangs of conscience when we don’t. So how do we forgive great sins committed against us? Forgive the person before the Lord in prayer, and continue to forgive them every time their sin comes to mind. Warn them of their sin, plead with them to repent so that they may be reconciled to you and to God, and tell them that you have forgiven them. Love and proclaim the truth to them, and when the day comes where they confess their sin, walk with them as a brother in the unity of the gospel.  

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