The Parable of the Mustard Seed, Part 1

June 4, 2017 Speaker: Pastor Marc Wragg Series: The Parables

Scripture: Matthew 13:31–13:32

Sometimes great works have humble beginnings. Such is the case with the Kingdom of Heaven. It began with a promise, and an angelic visit to a young girl who was told that she was with Child by the Holy Spirit. That promised Child came not as a King, but as a Servant and Priest. He was born into a weak and insignificant nation that was chafing under Roman rule. He came not for the royal, the strong, or the righteous. He came for the poor, the weak, and the unholy. And by His life, death, and resurrection, He saved those who by faith cleaved to Him alone for forgiveness and life. He saved people from every nation, tribe, and tongue; from every social and economic stratum, and from every circumstance under heaven. This Kingdom began like a small mustard seed, yet it grows to encompass and rule over all. Trust in this work and look forward to your heavenly hope, Christians. And keep not from God even the smallest acts of faith that He can use to bring great transformation.


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Osprey Campus- 10:45am

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