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Christ’s Leadership: The Head of the Church

May 14, 2017 Pastor: Pastor Marc Wragg Series: Special Topic

Topic: The Church Passage: Ephesians 1:22–1:23

What makes the Church vibrant, healthy, and strong? While we should have able leaders and effective ministries, these are not our greatest need. More than anything else, what the Church needs is the favor of her Head, the Lord Jesus Christ. God has demonstrated His power by setting Christ at the Father’s right hand above all rulers and authorities, and placed all things under subjection to Him. He is the victor over all powers, is to be the Ruler of all things, and is the only One to whom the Church gives her ultimate allegiance. This relationship between Christ and believers is a vital union between the Head and the Body, and a thrilling truth as we comprehend that the very Son of God is specially and irrevocably connected to His Bride. Friends, if Jesus is the greatness of the Church, we should not love anything more than Him! Let our only boast be in our weakness as we love and serve Him who even now transforms us as we embrace His gospel, proclaim His name, and follow His commands.


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