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Responding to the Son of God

May 22, 2016 Pastor: Pastor Marc Wragg Series: Matthew

Topic: Mercy Passage: Matthew 8:28–8:34

When demons beseeched Christ to send them into swine, He granted their request and it ended with the entire herd drowning in the sea. This leaves many readers with questions. Why would Jesus grant the request of demons? And how could He allow the economic interests of these people to be harmed by the drowning of their animals? But this begs a much more basic question: If the mercy of God benefits one and harms another, can God still be considered just? Consider the whole outcome of this story. Two demon-possessed men were now free and in their right minds, and the road which they had blocked could now be safely traveled. What’s more, in one simple act Jesus powerfully and publicly demonstrated not only His power and authority over unclean spirits, but also the greatness of His mercies to the two men, the city, and even to demons. Whatever the result, God’s mercy should always cause us to rejoice in His character and wisdom. Any other response shows not a deficiency in God, but in our own idolatrous hearts. 

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