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Jesus the Healer, Part 2

April 17, 2016 Pastor: Pastor Marc Wragg Series: Matthew

Topic: Faith Passage: Matthew 8:1–8:17

Scripture says that even the demons believe in God, yet their belief causes them to shudder in terror, not bow in worship. Faith is more than knowing facts about God, or even believing those facts are true. Saving faith is evidenced when we entrust ourselves to the truth. One of the most striking examples found in the gospels is that of the Roman centurion. He was a Gentile and a commander in the occupying army, yet he was held in high esteem by the Jews because he demonstrated love for the nation of Israel. Concerned for the life of his paralyzed servant, the centurion sought out Christ’s help. Remarkably, this Gentile had unwavering confidence in Christ’s power and authority to heal, and though he knew that he was unworthy for Christ to even enter his home, he still humbled himself and came to Christ. Do you see your sin and unworthiness, and do you understand that only Christ can save you? Then come and entrust yourself to Him. Let neither your pride nor your shame stand in your way. 

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