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Your Labor is Not in Vain

March 8, 2015 Pastor: Pastor Vinny Sawyer Series: Guest Speaker

Passage: 1 Corinthians 15:58–15:58

In the heat of trials or the press of adversity, are you ever tempted to quit? The Lord commands us to strive hard after holiness and faithfulness, and to work for Him with a whole heart, bringing all of our strength and resources to bear. Yet in our weakness, there are times when it may seem that the effort is not worth the reward. When your hope falters and your resolve begins to crumble, remember the truth of the resurrection and the glorious promises that belong to all who are in Christ! Then determine that you will not quit, be moved, or become complacent in your service to the Lord. Rather be steadfast, relying on His strength instead of your own. Be firm, refusing to veer from the narrow path that leads to life; and be zealous in the work, knowing that it is the will of your Father who owns the universe and all it contains. No matter the cost, no time, energy, or wealth expended is ever in vain when given in service to Christ! 

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