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Do All to the Glory of God

March 8, 2015 Pastor: Pastor Vinny Sawyer Series: Guest Speaker

Passage: 1 Corinthians 10:31–10:31

God’s glory is the reason for everything we do. But given the many distractions and temptations we face in the world, how can we consistently make wise decisions that glorify Him? Begin by examining your heart. Do you have the right view of God and yourself? God is glorified when we humbly recognize our need for Him, and when we depend upon Him by walking in faith. Next, ask the right questions. Will your decision associate you with evil, or build you up in the faith? Will it be helpful to others, or is your motivation purely selfish? Will it confuse the conscience of others, or make the way of wisdom clear? Will it be an example they should follow, or one they should avoid? Your answer to these questions will reveal both your heart and the wise choice. Do you want God to be glorified by your life? Then in all things act in wisdom, praise Him, call upon His name, and shine for Him, so that the credit directed to you is rightly redirected back to your God. 

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