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October/November 2015 Argentina Missionary Update

The following is a ministry update from Pastor Matias Buldain, an SGBC supported missionary in Argentina:

"But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:" 1 Peter 2:9

In our study of the book of Exodus with our church, we have been learning about the tabernacle designs. Once we finished the details about the elements and the structure of the tent of meeting, we began studying the priesthood that was chosen by God to offer acceptable sacrifices for him there. We learned that Christ is represented in the person of the High Priest but in Christ we (all believers) are also called to a priestly ministry.

How convicting and encouraging it was for our congregation to look at these instructions from the time this office was started and realize what it is that we have been called to as priests. Having been chosen, called, atoned for, washed and anointed, we are now set apart to minister in the presence of God offering the incense of our prayers, being the light of the world, meeting with God in fellowship, and living for others. As a pastor, it is a joy for me to see our church growing as a nation of priests. Let me share with you some of the things that the Lord has allowed us to serve Him with this last month.

Campaign Follow Up

As we shared with you in our last report, this year's campaign was a big blessing for our church. We had many opportunities to share the gospel and in each neighborhood the Lord has given us fruit. we are vey thankful to the Lord for the people that made professions of faith and our task now is give them the Word so they can grow in Christ. We ask you to pray for us because this means that we have a lot of people to visit and follow up. There are some church members that have up to 4 families that they visit weekly to study the Scripture together. This puts a lot of pressure on them, so with Nerina we are spending much time encouraging, assisting and serving the team. We are also visiting new converts in our small group.

Sunday School

For a long time, we have been praying and working to start an adult Sunday school program in our church. By God's grace we where able to start this program this month. We encourage the whole church to come to these classes joining one of the 4 levels that are being taught depending on the growth level of each person.

The first one is for new believers, the second one is our membership class, the third one is a ministry training for those who will begin serving in our church, and the forth one is for our church team. In our first level we had over 20 people, in our second level 5 people, and in our forth level 25 people. It has been a blessing to see the response of the congregation to the classes. They are very exited every week. To have this classes we had to do some remodeling in our church building and this has taken time and money to do, but we thank God that He has allowed us to do it. We still need to do more work. We now have four areas for classrooms but we need to have two more for the end of next month.

Kids in Action

Every year, on this time of the year, we have an event called Kids in Action where all the Missionary Bible Churches from our area bring their children to share a wonderful time dedicated to encourage and train them for missionary work. For many months the kids (ages 7 to 12) prepare songs, dramas, preaching, memory verses and evangelistic sermons to present before pastors and leaders that evaluate them. The stories that they learn, the verses that they memorize and all they do for this event has a missionary focus and the Lord has used this ministry for may years to put in the hearts of many kids a dream of becoming missionaries for the Lord. This year we had 22 kids from our church participating in this program. We thank God for the wonderful things that He is doing in their hearts. Please continue to pray for our church's children ministry, that the Lord will continue raising up workers that will serve this little ones to become the next generation of missionaries.

Family Pic Nic

On Saturday November 14th, we participated as a church in an event called the "Family Pic Nic". We travel 70 miles with over 120 people to a place where people from many churches came for a day of gospel preaching and Christian fellowship. We had a lot of fun playing as a church and enjoying the wonderful presentations that where prepared for that day. We had with us a few friends that where not saved and made professions of faith that day and it was a big encouragement for all of us. At the end of the day, the organizers gave scholarships for their summer camp next year and our church won 14 of them. What a blessing! That represents a US $1500 price. We are praying that many of our youth will be able to attend this summer camp this year.

Encouragement and Service in Tucuman

As we are writing this report with Neri, we are 1000 miles away from home visiting a sister church in Tucuman. We have visited this Missionary Bible Church many times helping them in many ways. This time we are using this time to encourage them with a conference and to help them in a building project. We are here with a group of student form the Pastoral Training Center and it has been a bessing for the as well to serve this church. They have been teaching in the last few days and serving with the construction.

Right now we have a student at our Pastoral Training Center that will graduate in two more weeks and then he will come to this area to serve as a church planter along side the pastor in this church. We are very encourage our students going out to serve in so many different places.

Prayer Requests:

Coffee Concert

On December the 5th we will have our anual Coffee Concert as the close of our Music School year. As you know, this music school meets every Sunday and is working to train musicians that will honor Christ serving in our church and in other churches. The Coffee Concert is our opportunity to show the fruit of this year's work and to encourage many more to become part of this. We also invite unbelievers and share the gospel that night. Lord willing we will have musicians for other churches that will come to help us that nigh as well.

Summer Activities

Every summer we have several members of our team that leave to visit their families in other countries or provinces. That means that the burden of the ministry becomes more heavy for those that stay. This year we need the Lord to provide workers for our children's ministry and our youth ministry because of this situation. Please pray for wisdom to lead during this time and that the Lord will help us to care for all our congregation.

Trip to Bolivia

Lord willing, next January we will be traveling with Neri to Bolivia to be at the birth of our niece. The baby is scheduled to be born on January the 22. Please pray for provision for the trip and safe travel, being that I must drive 1800 miles to go there.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. It s a joy and an honor to have you as a ministry partner and friend. God bless you!

"To the praise of His glory." Ephesians 1:6
Matias Buldain


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