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The Johnstons' Prayer Update from Italy

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us while Matt was in Florida. The Lord was faithful to sustain Johanna and the kids while he was away. Matt’s mom flew in to help and that was a huge blessing.  Though we were very glad to have him back we were also so thankful he had the opportunity to go home and be with our family at GIBC.  It was a truly refreshing time of fellowship and growth together under the Word.  And a special thank you to all of you who made sure his suitcases were full on the way home!  Thank you for your support and your prayers on our behalf.

Please Pray with us... 

  • Please pray for Esploratori (Explorers) which is a new children’s outreach we hope to start in the next few months. Our aim is to encourage kids to think about and investigate the world around them through things like science experiments so that they might begin to contemplate their Creator and recognize their need for His gospel. Lord willing, it will also give us the opportunity to meet new parents and continue to connect with those we already know.
  • There are several unbelievers who have shown some interest in the things of God. We have had the privilege to share the Gospel with this group of people, many of them are reading the Bible, and several have even been to our worship service. Pray that the truths they have heard might bear the real fruit of faith and repentance.
  • Pray that the Lord would give us a first convert.  We know that our little group would be so encouraged to see the Lord save and sanctify a new believer!
  • Please pray for Manuela. We reconnected with her just this week. She professes Christ, but has never really been a part of a local church. We have tried in the past to find ways to connect with her, but she has been hard to contact.  Pray the Lord might intertwine our lives with hers.
  • During the week we currently have two Bible studies. Every second and fourth Wednesday in Genoa and every first and third Friday in Savona, which is a city about an hour away from Genoa. Please pray for Matt and Massimo (Matt’s coworker) as they prepare to teach the Bible studies. Pray that the Lord might use the Bible studies to save unbelievers and to help believers grow in their knowledge of the Word and their love for Christ’s church.
  • Please pray Noelle’s health. We need wisdom as we continue to search for answers about some of her ongoing health issues. Join us in praying that the Lord might use her physical infirmities to help her to see her great spiritual need.

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